Acme Donate Blizzard Double Door Gastronorm Freezer to Ashgate Hospicecare

Ashgate Hospicecare

Acme are proud to assist Ashgate Hospicecare an independent registered charity that provides specialist palliative and end of life care and support to adults and their families across North Derbyshire in their mission to support all people over the age of 18, who have life limiting illnesses.

This amazing charity serve over 400,000 people, representing the whole of North Derbyshire which includes some of the most deprived areas in the UK.

All of their services are offered free of charge to anyone with a life limiting illness. To provide this service the charity has to raise over £6 million per annum. Ashgate Hospicecare approached Acme to see if we could donate any refrigeration equipment to their busy kitchen.

Ashgate HospicecareWe liaised with a member of their team in order to establish their refrigeration needs, space was a big issue within the kitchen and they have limited freezing capacities, it was important that the freezer was strong and durable and could withstand all the scrapes and pressures that come with life in a busy kitchen. After showing the hospice a range of different freezers, they decided upon a Blizzard Double Door Stainless Steel Upright Gastronorm Freezer. This heavy duty freezer will be an excellent addition to their kitchen facilities.

“Providing the freezer will help support all of our inpatients and day unit patients as our kitchen provides over 150 meals per day, without this freezer space we would be unable to continue this service” Steven Reah (Philanthropy Executive at Ashgate Hospice)

The elderly population within North Derbyshire is significantly higher than the rest of the country as well as the growth in the older population, there are increasing numbers of people being diagnosed and living with cancer, dementia, respiratory disease, heart and circulatory problems and Ashgate Hospicecare work towards supporting these people.

Ashgate Hospicecare receives over 5000 referrals every year across a wide range of services these include;

  • In Patient Unit
  • Hospice at Home (Providing palliative care to people in their homes)
  • Day Unit
  • Therapy Team
  • Physiotherapy
  • Lymphedema Services
  • Patient and Family Support Team

Chris Allen Group Managing Director at Acme states “We are proud to be supporting such a fantastic charity, we understand the importance of the services that Ashgate Hospicecare supply to the Derbyshire community, the charity focuses on helping people with life limiting illnesses that could affect anyone of us and we at Acme admire the work that they are doing. We hope that the freezer we have donated serves them well and increases their kitchen efficiencies”.

If you would like to find out more about this charity or you would like to make a donation, take a look at their website: http://www.ashgatehospicecare.org.uk or contact Steven Reah: steven.reah@ashgatehospice.nhs.uk


Are Blast Chillers and Blast Freezers suitable for your business?

Food legislation now requires that all food must be chilled as quickly as possible and kept between temperatures of +68°C and +8°C for as little time as possible in order to decrease the risk of bacteria multiplying. This is where blast chillers and freezers come in, they are the best remedy to ensure the legislation is complied with.

Acme offer a comprehensive range of blast chillers/freezers from some of the biggest names in the industry such as Blizzard, Infrico and Williams at the most competitive prices. We supply these to a wide range of industries, are they something your company should be considering? This blog post will outline what blast chillers and freezers are, the benefits and how our customers are using them to their advantage.

So what are blast chillers and freezers?

The main aim of blast chillers and freezers is to rapidly drop the temperature of food within them. They are the most effective way of chilling food safely and quickly, preventing the spread of nasty bacteria.

Blast chillers and freezers are the perfect addition to any commercial catering establishment particularly restaurants, hotels, cafes and school canteens where food is pre-prepared and re-heated at a later date.

In addition to the essential food safety reassurances that blast chillers/ freezers offer, used as part of a well-planned and managed process, a blast chiller/ freezer will also significantly improve service, optimize the preparation process and cooking timescales, while reducing overall production time, food waste and food production costs.

Benefits of a Blast Chiller

Maintains Food Quality

  • Natural bacterial growth during the cooling process means that once cooked, food loses many of its appealing characteristics. In order to maintain food quality it is important to reduce any form of food deterioration by taking control of humidity, time and temperature. Choosing the right blast chiller / freezer will enable you to do this.

Prevents Food Shrinkage

  • Depending on the food type, ambient temperature, humidity and time scales, food can quickly reduce in size and weight through moisture loss. Using the correct chilling programme, a blast chiller can significantly reduce the level of dehydration of products by preventing the natural evaporation that takes place when food is left to cool in a normal environment.

Achieve Food Safety Standards

  • Using a blast chiller / freezer ensures that food items are handled in line with Government Food Standards Agency regulations.
  • Food legislation now requires that all food must be cooled as quickly as possible and kept between temperatures of +68°C and +8°C for as little time as possible in order to decrease the risk of bacteria multiplying.

Improves Shelf Life

  • By reducing the period of time when food temperature naturally accelerates the rate at which harmful bacteria grows, you are able to increase the shelf life of products.

Increase Menu Choice and Service

  • Blast chillers / freezers enable you to prepare food ahead of busy periods, which means that it is more feasible to increase menu choices.
  • Service will also improve, you team will be able to focus on consistently providing a full menu along with carefully presented dishes at all times.

Benefits of Blast Freezers

The benefits of using a blast freezer are the same as those for a blast chiller. There are also some additional benefits to using a blast freezer.

For example, due to the speed of the freezing process small ice crystals form in the food product, this reduces any damage to the structure of the food that can occur during a standard freezing process.

Benefits of Blast Freezers

By using a normal commercial freezer water within the product freezes slowing and transforms into large crystals that expands and tears the structure of the food.

Most frozen food products can then be immediately stored in a freezer for a period of 3 to 18 month depending on the food product.

What range can Acme offer me?

Acme blast chillers are able to chill food from cooking temperatures at approximately +70°C, to +3°C within 90 minutes. The blast freezers can also bring down cooking temperatures of +70°C down to -18°C within 240 minutes. Due to this quick temperature drop the blast chillers and freezers are able to allow you to freeze food items with smaller ice crystals than if done without, thus causing less damage. After the item is frozen you are then able to move it to a more conventional freezer to keep the food frozen.

As well as the preservation of the food quality, the blast freezer will be able to keep contamination of your food incredibly low. This is if you immediately place the food in to the freezer after safely handling it there will not be any spread of contamination throughout.

Take a look at our Blast Chillers and Freezers Brochure for more information.

So what type of blast chiller is for me?

Blast chillers and freezers are essential pieces of equipment for any commercial food operation that requires food to be kept cold or frozen quickly and efficiently after cooking.

The type of blast chiller or freezer suitable for your business depends on various things such as the size of your commercial kitchen, quantity of food to be chilled and the sophistication of your operation.

Smaller kitchens such as café’s, takeaways and bakeries will require less complex chillers such as Blizzard BCS20,this product ensures that 15kg of food can be chilled within 90mins.

On the other hand, larger kitchens such as large restaurants, school kitchens and hotels will need a more complex chiller such as the Infrico ABT7M, this product is designed to blast chill up to 30kgs of food from +70°C to +3°C within 90 minutes.

For more information about blast chillers give a member of our sales team a call today on 01254 277999.


Blizzard Bottle Coolers and Cellar Coolers are now ECA Approved!

Blizzard Bottle Coolers and Cellar Coolers are now ECA Approved!

Blizzard Bottle Coolers

Our very own Blizzard brand has been in the spotlight recently! Our BAR1 and BAR2 models in hinged and sliding doors and in stainless steel finish have been added to the Energy Technology as have a range of our cellar cooling units including our BCS13U, BCS17U and BCS22U-1PH units.

So what does this mean?

This means that they are now eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. This scheme enables businesses to claim a 100% first year capital allowance on investments in certain energy saving equipment such as the Blizzard bottle coolers, against the taxable profits of the period of investment. For more information on capital allowances, please see HMRC’s page on tax relief for capital allowances.

Are there any other benefits?

There are a range of benefits to the ECA scheme;

  • Improved Cash Flow
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Reduction in Climate Change

The Blizzard bottle coolers are energy efficient cabinets, this means that you can expect to benefit from reduced running costs of equipment, which will have a direct impact upon your cash flow with the added advantage of helping the environment.

That’s great!  How do I get one of these bottle coolers?

For more information about the ECA scheme and how you can claim you can have a look on their website; http://bit.ly/1sbniTv.

You can also call a member of our dedicated sales team for more information, prices and availability on 01254 277999.