What to Consider when Purchasing an Ice Cream Display…

Ice Cream Displays

Ice cream displays can be a great addition to shops, cafes and restaurants. Selling ice cream can generate excellent profit margins and increase footfalls.

There are three main types of ice cream displays – budget, mid-range and premium, The one that you purchase will depend on various things, the main being your budget, requirements and type of ice cream that you wish to sell.

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Fit your shop, café or restaurant out with high quality ice cream display freezers from Acme. All of our freezers are designed specifically for the storage and display of ice cream in an aesthetically pleasing manner with value for money and the very best of after sales service in mind.

It is estimated that the ice cream market is worth well over one billion pounds in the UK and profit margins are high, so adding one of our ice cream freezers to your business is a sure fire way to boost your profits.

Choose from a superb range of high quality brands including Blizzard, Infrico and Mondial Elite.


Budget ice cream displays are essentially chest freezers converted into ice cream displays. Budget displays achieve a temperature of between -14°C and -18°C which is essential to make ice cream easy to scoop.

They have what is called a skin evaporator (this is the part of the refrigeration system that gets cold) – this is where the refrigeration system is built into the wall of the freezer – it is a simple, reliable yet very cost effective way of keeping products frozen.

These cabinets are a great entry level unit into the world of ice cream sales.


These are specifically designed for the display of ice cream and generally accept 4.5 – 5 litre Napoli tubs. They will have a rear shelf to aid serving and will come with an internal light within in the glass canopy or at the back of the unit to illuminate the ice cream and help to create a mouth-watering display.

Commonly, they have a light yet effective hinged rear lid to help insulate the unit, yet allow quick access for serving customers.


At the higher end of the market you move into ventilated (sometimes called fan-assisted) ice cream scooping cabinets.

The cost increases for this type of cabinet but so do the benefits. The temperature is more consistent over the whole display and the unit will be able to deal with high volume of ice cream being served. Also, with ventilated cooling enabling more consistent temperature they are ideal for gelato which is more temperature sensitive.

Things to Consider when Buying an Ice Cream Display;

  • How much space do you have for a display?
  • If you do not have much space then you should consider purchasing a budget display unit such as the Mondial Elite BRIO or for very limited space the Mondial Elite ICE2V.
  • How many flavours do you want to showcase?
  • If you are looking to show off a couple of flavours then the Mondial Elite J7 or J9 would do the trick allowing you to display 7-9 different flavours. If you are looking to display a wide range of flavours take a look at the Mondial Elite NICEPRO18, this allows you to show 18 different flavours at once.
  • Are you happy to have extra stock that you have to access from the top. Or do you want under storage accessed from the rear. You need to make sure you have sufficient back up stock especially if the weather is fine and sales increase. If you have a high end ventilated scooping unit, do you need an extra storage freezer (upright or chest freezer) to keep extra stock in?
  • Do you have a suitable power supply for the unit you are buying? The smaller ones just tend to run off a 13amp 3 pin plug. Larger more premium units are sometimes 20amp, 32amp or some of the really big display units are 3 phase supply.

Here at Acme we have ice cream displays to suit every need and budget with 15% off all accessories and one year free maintenance on all Ice Cream Displays you can well and truly be ready for summer in no time and for a limited time only we are offering 10% off our brand new Crystal Ice Cream Range.

For more information about the range of ice cream displays we sell take a look at our website.

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